Type AB1G meter

The market for single phase electromechanical meters has been in decline as utilities migrate toward smart metering systems and raw material costs continue to increase. Elster has responded to the changes by offering the AB1G meter.

The AB1G is qualified, recent vintage, and reconditioned Elster meter from select field locations. It uses a pre-qualified and tested meter chassis with a new rotor and bearing system installed. The AB1G meter is available as a Class 200, Form 2S, standard clock dial 13 8/9 RR register with either a glass or polycarbonate cover. Elster also supports specific OEM module installation.

Type AB1G meters can be ordered with communication option boards already installed, and the meters deployed in the field can be retrofitted.

AB1G meters provide the same design features as found in the AB1 meter. Type AB1G meters meet or exceed ANSI C12.1-1995 and ANSI C12.10-1998.

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