Metercat 3.5 updates

Metercat maintenance release is available as a Microsoft Installer Patch for computers with Metercat 3.5.0 already installed.


To upgrade to Metercat, please download the patch file, extract it, launch it, and follow the installation prompts.

Note: The patch requires Metercat 3.5.0. If you need to update your version of Metercat, please contact your sales representative. If you require technical support, please contact Elster support at +1 800 338 5251 (US toll free) or your local Elster representative.

Metercat update
When performing a diagnostic or billing read on A1800 ALPHA meters with meter firmware version 4.0 or later, the reads will no longer generate an error when reading the Downloadable Communication Protocol Module (DCPM) tables.