A1200 ALPHA meter

The A1200 ALPHA® meter meets or exceeds IEC 61036 standards for 3-phase meters. A1200 ALPHA Meter Software provides multilingual support for setting up seasons, multiple tariffs, and time-of-use metering.

The A1200 ALPHA meter can be configured to allow energy providers to obtain information about their customers. Seventy display quantities can be defined (30 display quantities per display sequence), including phased currents, kW and kVAR, or kVA per tariff, overload threshold, maximum demand, time in operation, demand reset count, and error codes.

With its wide current and voltage range, the A1200 ALPHA meter can be used for various current and voltage ratings, significantly reducing the energy provider's inventory costs. The A1200 ALPHA meter offers a standard wide voltage range from 100 V line-to-neutral through 415 V line-to-line. Direct connected (to 120 A*) and CT connected (to 10 A) system connections are supported.

The meter also has a 12 kV surge protection rating. The A1200 ALPHA meter's accurate and reliable meter data comes from the patented ALPHA meter chip that is currently used in over two million ALPHA electricity meters installed around the world.

*Conforms fully up to 100 A; conforms also (with exception to DC immunity) up to 120 A.

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The A1200 ALPHA meter includes many standard features that make it a powerful and economical competitor to a basic electronic meter:


  • three-phase power supply
  • CT-connected meter
    • In = 1 A to 5 A (Class 1.0)
    • In = 5 A (Class 0.5S)
  • wide operating rages for direct connected meters
    • extended current range: 100 A (Class 1.0)
    • wide voltage range: 3 × 120/208 to 3 ×254/440 VAC (wye), or 3 × 100 to 3 × 240 VAC (delta or 3-wire)
    • ambient temperature range: - 40 °C to +55 °C
    • kWh metering
  • LED and S0 relay outputs
  • Surge protection meets or exceeds the test specifications of IEC 61036. In addition to providing robust 6 kV surge protection, the meter also withstands 12 kV line-to-neutral surges for source impedances greater than 40 ohms.
  • IEC 61107 optical port
  • upgrades available through software and optional hardware

The A1200 ALPHA meter has the following optional features:

  • kVARh and kVAh metering
  • real-time clock for TOU metering
  • serial communcation port (RS-232 or RS-485)
  • second S0 relay output for energy pulses, beginning of internal indication, or overload indication
  • externally controlled multiple tariffs (up to 4 tariffs using 2 auxility control inputs)
  • maximum demand (kW, kVAR, or kVA)
  • overload energy registration (kWh, kVARh, or kVAh)
  • meter tools
    • tariff control
    • installation monitoring
    • instrumentation
    • anti-tampering

IEC standards

The A1200 ALPHA meter meets or exceeds all the IEC standards as listed below:

  • IEC 61036, edition 2.1 (2000)
    Alternating current static watt-hour meters for active energy (classes 1 and 2)
  • IEC 60687, edition 1 (1992)
    Alternating current static watt-hour meters for active energy (classes 0.2S and 0.5S)
  • IEC 61107, edition 2 (1995)*
    Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control - direct local data exchange
  • IEC 61268, edition 1 (1995)
    Alternating current static var-hour meters for reactive energy (classes 2 and 3)
  • IEC 62053-31, edition 1 (1998)
    Electricity metering equipment (ac) - Particular requirements - Part 31: Pulse output devices for electromechanical and electronic meters (two-wire only)


DIN standards

The A1200 ALPHA meter meets or exceeds all of the DIN standards listed below:

  • DIN 43857 Part 2 (1978)
    Watthour meters in moulded insulation case without instrument transformers, up to 60 A rated maximum current; principal dimensions for polyphase meters
  • DIN 43863-3 (1997)
    Electricity meters - Part 3: Tariff metering device as additional equipment for electricity meters - EDIS - Energy Data Identification System


*Superceded by IEC62056-21, edition 1, 2002.

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