A3 ALPHA meter

The A3 ALPHA® meter uses Elster's patented digital measurement techniques that offer high accuracy, repeatability, and low ownership costs. Building upon standard meter design that includes form consolidation, voltage and class consolidations, 0.2% accuracy class meters, functional scalability and standard two week lead times, the A3 ALPHA meter is available in single phase and polyphase form factors.


The A3 ALPHA meter is a communications platform, and it can be easily integrated into a variety of automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions.

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  •  fully programmable
  • pre-programmed at the factory
  • wide operating ranges for voltage, current, and temperature
  • 64 KB of main circuit board memory
  • complete ANSI C12 protocol capable
  • over 50 displayable instrumentation values including:
  • average power factor
  • high accuracy internal clock
  • polycarbonate enclosure
  • easily upgradeable through software and optional hardware
  • factory-installed lithium battery (for TOU meters)
  • easy access battery

  • advanced four-quadrant metering
  • basic load profiling with up to 8 channels
  • instrumentation profiling with up to 32 channels
  • 128 KB of main circuit board memory
  • transformer and line loss compensation
  • power quality monitoring
  • three-phase power supply (called the “AnyPhase power supply”)

  • relay output option board
    1, 2, or 6 relays for relay output, end of internal (EOI), or load control (LC) uses
  • internal modem option board
    Outage reporting capabilities, off-hook detection, and
  • external serial communications option board
    Interface to external telephone modems, modem sharing units (MSU-12), EMETCOM, and others
  • RS-232 option board
    Point-to-point communication (up to 25 feet/7.5 meters) to a PC, external telephone modem, EMETCOM, and others
  • RS-485 option board
    Connect up to 31 meters sharing one communication backbone
  • 20 mA current loop option board
    Interace to PCs or other communication systems on a 20 mA current loop
  • 1 MB extended memory option board
    For extended profiling data storage


The UMT-C module retrieves billing data directly from the A3 ALPHA meter registers and transmits it over the TWACS power line system to the TWACS Net Server. The UMT-C-A3 can be installed under the cover on a demand meter (A3D), a TOU meter (A3T), an apparent power meter (A3K), a reactive meter (A3R), and a bidirectional energy meter (A3Q).


EnergyAxis System

EnergyAxis is the most advanced and complete suite of smart grid solutions. Developed by Elster, the world's leader in smart metering, the EnergyAxis System architecture is the most interoperable smart grid communications solution available. With verified applications for demand response, distribution automation, outage detection/restoration, revenue protection, we know how to seamless integrate with almost any operation.


EnergyAxis is engineered on open standards, allowing us to interface with the greatest range of powerful third-party technologies and providing you with the widest choice of communication paths possible. Our unsurpassed interoperability enables us to partner with over 40 smart grid companies and apply all relevant technologies to meet your need, and they are proven to work.


Elster is committed to supporting utility initiatives in energy conservation. Through its open architecture, EnergyAxis is able to integrate with third party electric load control devices, demand-side management devices, in-home displays, and pre-payment services.


Visit the EnergyAxis Web site for more information on Elster's advanced metering infrastructure solutions.

The A3 ALPHA meter meets or exceeds the ANSI standards for electricity metering, and it is intended for use by commercial and industrial utility customers.


  • ANSI C12.1 - 1995 [1]; 2001 [2]
    American National Standard for Electric Meters - Code for Electrcity Metering
  • ANSI C12.10 - 1997 [1]; 2004 [2]
    Electromechanical Watthour Meters
  • ANSI C12.18 - 1996[1] [2] [3]
    Protocol Specification for ANSI Type 2 Optical Port
  • ANSI C12.19 - 1997 [1] [2]
    Utility Industry End Device Data Tables
  • ANSI C12.20 - 1998 [1]; 2002 [2]
    American National Stanard for Electricity Meters 0.2 and 0.5 Accuracy Classes
  • ANSI C12.21 - 1999 [1] [2]
    Protocol Specification for Telephone Modem Communications


[1] A3 ALPHA meter with traditional power supply
[2] A3 ALPHA meter with CPS power supply
[3] As amended in 2002

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