About us

Our leadership and vision ensures your smart grid investment viability — today and in the future
Elster Solutions brings together an experienced team of people, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic partners to deliver world class products, systems, and services to our utility clients worldwide. Elster Solutions has two main areas of business - electricity metering products and smart metering and smart grid system solutions.

Elster Solutions metering products
Elster Solutions provides highly accurate and highly reliable residential, commercial, and industrial electricity metering products for revenue metering and smart grid system applications. Our portfolio of electric metering products include the REX2™, A3 ALPHA®, ALPHA Plus®, A1800 ALPHA, and gREX electronic meters. Elster Solutions markets its line of electricity metering products domestically and internationally and actively works with technology partners to integrate third party communications technologies for smart metering and smart grid system applications.

Elster smart metering and smart grid system solutions
Elster Solutions provides smart metering systems and smart grid system solutions that help utilities improve their revenue cycle services, customer service, delivery reliability, and enable efficient energy usage by utility consumers through demand response and in home networking capabilities. Elster Solutions EnergyAxis Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system is deployed at over 65 utilities with 3.5 million meters online in North America, Central America, Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim.