AGI Initiative

Elster’s Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI) Initiative provides the utility industry with a powerful set of hardware, software, and communications solutions needed to more effectively manage power distribution networks. AGI builds on Elster’s EnergyAxis® System and its AMI communications and metering infrastructure by adding advanced measurement and monitoring nodes and software applications to extend the reach of your AMI investment to the distribution system itself.


The AMI infrastructure will probably be the largest single automation investment that a utility will make in its power monitoring system since it was built. AGI leverages the capabilities of the AMI system and investment to cover key measurements from strategic locations across the distribution network. By improving the measurements received from the distribution system, utilities obtain vital information to help them make strategic decisions during crisis conditions and to control the system in an optimal manner during normal conditions. With the EnergyAxis System’s two-way communications, the utility can cost effectively extend its smart grid reach into the distribution network.

The AGI Initiative is a collaborative effort between utilities, Elster, and key technology partners to embed innovated sensing and monitoring technology in combination with Elster’s proven AMI technology for the smart grid of the future.

Elster, a member of EPRI’s Intelligrid program, is committed to the vision of a smarter power grid.

For more information about the AGI Initiative, contact Carl LaPlace at +1 919 212 4714.

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