AlphaPlus software

AlphaPlus™ is a comprehensive software interface for configuring meter functions including: programming and reading, report generation, and program development and maintenance. AlphaPlus software was developed for use with demand, time-of-use (TOU), load profile, and real/reactive meters, including the ALPHA Plus® and AIN ALPHA® meters.

An additional software package, PQ Inspector, can be installed with AlphaPlus software to collect and graphically display near real-time electric service and meter status information from ALPHA Plus meters.

Software features Analysis tool  

  • Demand, TOU, load profile, real/reactive metering
  • Selective modification of meter values through special tasks function
  • Optical Port Communications (with UNICOM™ III Probe)
  • Remote modem connection
  • Remote meter call-in with "Answer" mode
  • Modem Sharing Unit (MSU)
  • Report generation of stored meter programs and metering readings
  • Customized reports ASCII output of LP and TOU data
  • Loss configuration for ALPHA Plus meters
  • Tracking meter communications through communications log

  • Flexible threshold analysis tool:

  • Configuration of the service tests and the optional PQM tests (ALPHA Plus meters only)
  • Development and saving of customized PQM settings
  • PQ Inspector expands functionality