Low Voltage AGInode

The Low Voltage (LV) AGInode™ is one of the first products resulting in Elster’s Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI) Initiative. As part of the AGI Initiative, the LV AGInode provides a low voltage power measurement node using Elster’s advanced REX2™ or ALPHA® metering technology.


The LV AGInode monitors distribution transformer voltage, load, and power quality. Elster’s integrated metrology accurately digitizes these measurements and transmits the data over the EnergyAxis® System network. The LV AGInode is designed for easy installation on pole top and pad mount transformers without interrupting service. The AGInode is available with either an overhead (OH) or underground (UG) pad mount sensor assembly.

Data sheet About EnergyAxis  

EnergyAxis System

EnergyAxis is the most advanced and complete suite of smart grid solutions. Developed by Elster, the world's leader in smart metering, the EnergyAxis System architecture is the most interoperable smart grid communications solution available. Our unsurpassed interoperability enables us to partner with over 40 smart grid companies and apply all relevant technologies to meet your need, and they are proven to work.

EnergyAxis is engineered on open standards, allowing us to interface with the greatest range of powerful third-party technologies and providing you with the widest choice of communication paths possible. Elster is committed to supporting utility initiatives in energy conservation. Through its open architecture, EnergyAxis is able to integrate with third party electric load control devices, demand-side management devices, in-home displays, and pre-payment services.


Visit the EnergyAxis Web site for more information on Elster's unifying solutions for the smart grid.