Raleigh, NC, January 13, 2010 Elster Electricity and Elster Integrated Solutions are now Elster Solutions

Since its founding, Elster has built a reputation on providing innovative solutions to the utilities around the world. The utility industry is undergoing significant change, which has created demand for enhanced solutions to enable the Smart Grid. In support of our customers and partners, we have expanded our technology, product, system, service, and partner solution offerings to reflect our industry’s need for smart grid solutions. To better respond to our customer and partner needs going forward, we are combining Elster Electricity and Elster Integrated Solutions into a single organization named Elster Solutions.

Elster Solutions offerings span the Smart Grid value chain and include our EnergyAxis Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system with over 3.5 million points in operation, meter data management (MDM) and energy management software (EMS) through our EnergyICT subsidiary and other technology partners, OEM metering platforms for integration with third party smart metering systems, Advanced Grid Infrastructure nodes, standard metering products for traditional revenue metering applications, and support services for these capabilities.

Elster Solutions will continue to operate under the same management with a focus on customer service and operational excellence.  We will continue to deliver the highest quality products, systems, and services upon which we have built our reputation. To support smart metering and smart grid deployment growth we have also enhanced our offerings, increased manufacturing, added additional staff, and improved processes allowing us to respond even quicker to customer and market needs.

As our industry continues to change, you can be assured Elster Solutions will continue to innovate new and exciting solutions that will help utilities like yours deliver reliable, cost effective service to your customers.

Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to serving your future needs.

Kind regards,

Mark L. Munday
President Elster Solutions