Polyphase meters

We offer a complete line of both electromechanical and electronic polyphase meters. Our polyphase meters are highly accurate ANSI or IEC electricity meters for both residential and commercial & industrial applications. With the communication option boards and supporting software, these meters can be easily incorporated into AMR and AMI solutions.
Type ABS meter
Note: As of 31 March 2008, Elster is no longer accepting orders for the polyphase Type ABS meter.more

A3 ALPHA meter
Elster's advanced electricity meter with a variety of AMR, AMI, and communications options.more

A1200 ALPHA meter
The A1200 ALPHA® meter is designed specifically for commercial and light industrial utility customers. The A1200 ALPHA meter offers new features distinguishing it from other electronic meters in its class.more

A1800 ALPHA meter
The A1800 ALPHA is a highly accurate, robust, system-ready meter that is suited for commercial, industrial, and substation metering applications.more

ALPHA Plus meter
The first meter in its class that can time/date/phase stamp voltage sags as short as 2 line cycles in duration.more