Corporate social responsibility

Elster Solutions, as part of the Elster Group, abides by the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.


Elster's commitment to CSR

Elster Group involves a wide range of stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and local communities. Elster is committed to being a responsible company because it makes sense. It’s not about being altruistic for its own sake, it’s about understanding how behaving responsibly has a positive impact on profitability and on economic growth. Our aim is to secure economic benefits for the local communities where we work and also for our shareholders who benefit from a sustainable business and a return on their investment.

As a Group our business success comes from Elster’s heritage of innovation and quality. Elster helps to benefit our customers by reducing their operating costs, improving their service capabilities and creating new revenue streams. But very importantly for us in so doing we will further improve the quality of energy and scarce natural resource usage for consumers around the world.

Our CSR objectives are:

  • To behave in a responsible manner and with the highest business ethics wherever we are based
  • To provide a safe working environment for our employees
  • To protect and improve the environment
  • To have respect for human rights
  • To bring benefits to the communities we serve
  • To encourage education and training for all our employees
  • To be transparent in reporting our progress on CSR issues


In order to ensure the effective implementation of the Elster Group CSR policy, there are several levels of control and management.

At Group level the CSR Committee, chaired by a senior executive, with members drawn from group businesses examines the achievement of our CSR objectives on an annual basis. During the year health, safety and environmental audits are conducted by operating businesses at their major facilities. The result of these audits and their follow up is monitored by the CSR Committee.

Each Elster Business Unit has its own Health and Safety Committee which has representatives from management and employees to ensure that the audit findings are implemented on a local level.

In terms of Business Ethics and our Code of Conduct we have a full time Compliance Officer and a confidential "whistleblower" service available to all employees via the internet and telephone. This service is managed on our behalf by Global Compliance Services.

While charitable donations and local community activities are the responsibility of the local business operations, they are reported to the CSR Committee for monitoring purposes. As such the Group does not define a single charity for support, preferring the local business units to help those in need in their own locality.