Health, safety, and the environment

Elster is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees. Elster encourages employee participation in the continuous improvement and the development of good health, safety, and environmental practices. Training is provided to employees and reinforced via refresher courses where necessary.

All Elster companies have health and safety programs which follow Group recommendations. They are required to report their health and safety performance to the Group at least annually. To ensure suitable safeguards are in place, the majority of our plants have established health and safety committees, serving as an important link between managers and workers. Our plants have very active health and safety programs, including detailed compliance audits.

Elster Group is committed to protecting and improving the environment by using energy responsibly and by recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. All Elster facilities put the environment high up their agenda. Since Elster’s business is all about measuring scarce energy and water resources, the Group feels strongly that what it does as a business overall plays a major role in protecting the environment.