Software tools

Elster is a leading provider of electricity meters and software solutions throughout the world. Our software tools and solutions enable you to configure and program our meters to meet your power measurement, data analysis, and reporting needs.
A1200 ALPHA meter software
A1200 ALPHA meter software is a Windows-based application for supporting functions in the A1200 ALPHA meter.more

AlphaPlus software
AlphaPlus software is a comprehensive software interface for configuring meter functions including: programming and reading, report generation and program development and maintenance.more

Metercat (Meter Configuration and Analysis Tool) is a software tool developed to program and read Elster Electricity's A3 ALPHA® meter, REX® meter, A1800 ALPHA meter.more

Alpha Keys
Easily upgrade meter types or functionality without returning the meter to the manufacturer.more

PQ Inspector
An easy-to-use application for collecting power quality, electric service, and meter status information from ALPHA Plus® meters.more