Elster UNICOM™ III probes are a family of portable optical (infrared) communication interfaces. UNICOM III probes are used for transferring digital information between Elster electronic meters and various reader/programmer equipment manufactured by Elster and other companies.


Elster offers the UNICOM III probe with the standard two-element ANSI probe interface, the standard two-element for IEC FLAG port interface, and two-element Euro-Probe for IEC FLAG port interface.


UNICOM III probes are available in a variety serial port connectors, cable lengths and styles.

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Other configurations are available, including probes with different connectors (such as LEMO, AMPHENOL, and HIROSE) and cables. Contact your Elster representative for details.

ANSI probes

  • Style 5D25274G01
    10 ft (3 m) retractile coil cable, DB-9
  • Style 5D25274G02
    6 ft (2 m) retractile coil cable, DB-9
  • Style 5D25274G96
    10 ft (3 m) retractile coil cable with calibration pulse output via RCA connector
    NPN transistor rated 15 mA (DB-9)
  • Style 3A34485G01
    Adapter for ANSI probe to accommodate IEC 61107 FLAG port
  • Style 5D25334G01
    6 ft (2 m) straight cable, USB*


IEC probes

  • Style 5D25274G03
    3 m (10 ft) retractile coil cable, DB-9
  • Style 5D25274G04
    2 m (6 ft) retractile coil cable, DB-9
  • Style 5D25334G04
    2 m (6 ft) straight cable, USB*


*USB probes require USB driver software, available free of charge in the download section of our Web site.

UNICOM III probe drivers are available from the Customer Support page.