Serving the Energy Industry

WESCO draws from a significant resource pool to help utilities of all sizes develop and implement services and solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize reliability.

Wesco's Utility industry offers: transmission and distribution solutions. generation solutions, MRO solutions, utility contractor solutions, metering solutions, communications solutions, and lighting solutions. WESCO provides comprehensive, innovative, and low-cost sourcing and system productivity solutions to:

  • Investor-owned utilities, municipal authorities, and rural electric cooperatives
  • Industrial customers with large, complex plant maintenance and production operations
  • Large contractors supporting utility T&D system maintenance and upgrades, and generation maintenance and construction programs


WESCO is the premier nationwide supplier of electric metering products and solutions, offering a full range of products including:

  • Electric watthour meters for both revenue and power quality needs, including the AB1G
  • Instrument transformers, meter sockets and enclosures, meter seals, test switches, personal protective equipment and clothing, meter communication devices
  • Smart metering products including in-home displays, smart thermostats, and load control devices


AMI Smart Metering for the Smart Grid

WESCO has a solution for your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or smart metering needs for electric, water, and gas utilities. WESCO offers meter read and data management services using Elster’s field-proven EnergyAxis System. Smaller utilities can experience a low risk and economical way to benefit from smart metering by letting WESCO remotely automate the meter reading process using proven technology and secure networks. WESCO will then deliver the meter data in a format needed by smaller utilities.

When your utility is ready to take the next step, WESCO will help you migrate to a fully owned AMI smart grid system. WESCO also works with many preferred partners to provide full turnkey AMI solutions including meter installations, changeouts, retrofits, and project management.